Our System

Our System


Prior to Deployment we train our security persons as per requirement of the duty

location.We also conduct security trainings for:

1. Fresh Students

2. Employment in and outside Nepal

3. Executives, managers and officers




Our Security training package consists of the following modules:

1. Basic English Language

2. Security Awraeness/Close Protection

3. Search Prodedures

4. Patrolling/Night Roving

5. Health and safety, basic first aid

6. Fire Preventin and control

7. Electronic Security System

8. Communications [Radio Procedure]

9. Physical Training


CMS ( Central Monitoring System)


We have introduced a new technology in the security surveillance system by which our clients can have a peace of mind at all times.




What it does?

In any kind of intrusion or attempt of intrusion at your premises, building or if there is any kind of emergency like medical, gas leakage, fire, our system immediately informs us at our control room via CMS. 


How it works?

We will survey your premises/buildings and install the sensors, control units as per requirement.Once the security line is broken or our sensors detect any unusual thing it sends the signal to the control unit at your building which re-sends the information to our H.Q. control (exactly : what is the problem at site.)